«I Like Your Hair» is the debut album of Ninja Bonita. A record dedicated to the darkest corners of the human being; those where fear and resentment live, but also acceptance, hope and, above all, fantasy.

The songs could be the soundtrack of a garage full of monsters that want to play outside but have to wait until it stops raining.

Meanwhile, they entertain themselves with synthesizers, distorted guitars, and, maybe, an episode of Twin Peaks.


The production of «I Like Your Hair» is also part of the story; produced by Ninja Bonita, the album was recorded in a portable home studio between Madrid and Gandía (Spain), and mixed in airplanes and airports in Korea and Japan:
«Mixing songs on a plane, with all the noises from the engines, or in the waiting room of an airport, is not recommended, but I had a lot of time ahead of me and I thought it would be fun. The songs talk about travels and emotional transformations, so it seemed like a good idea to mix it up on a trip. It was stupid, of course, but romantic.»


Ghosts, lo-fi and dark epic, a perfect album to face the end of 2020.


Ninja Bonita is an independent musician and producer from Madrid (Spain). He grew up in a small town in Toledo between japanese tv series, summers of 104ºF and bikes of the 80´s. His music is a mixture of synthwave and dark dreampop, calm but intense. 



Sergio (real name of Ninja Bonita), has toured the United States, Spain and South America with his previous musical projects and has played at festivals such as Culture Collide (USA) or Low Festival (Spain). In 2019 Ninja Bonita begins, so his monsters can finally go out and play in the street.

Pictures by Lorena Torres and Pepa Lopez. Illustrations by Ninja Bonita. You can use them for press related content (reviews, news, blogs, social networks…). 

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